Operation Privacy

A DIY dashboard: Because it's personal

Prevent stalking, doxing, swatting, and take control of your online identity

Privacy Dashboard

Privacy Dashboard

  • Self-Managed
  • 400+ tasks
  • Privacy Score
  • Crowd Sourced
  • Track Progress
  • Continuous Updates
  • Private And Secure
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Used By Pros


$Free / life

  • Data Brokers Opt-Out List
  • Data Retrieval
  • Credit Freezes
  • OpSec Tips
  • Device Privacy
  • Private Forum Access
  • VoIP Suite


$9 / year

  • Serious
  • Anonymizing Utilities
  • Planting Your Flag
  • Disinformation Resources
  • Manage Profiles
  • 14-day free trial


  • Money should not be an excuse to delay taking control of your safety and freedom. So we've compiled the best resources in an easily trackable format made it FREE and accessible to everyone. The content in the dashboard has taken 1000's of hours of research, trial & error, coding, and will be an ongoing project as long as privacy is undermined (forever!). 
  • To help maintain and support this project for the long term, you may donate based on the value you get out of it ($0 is fine, we can and will continue to develop and maintain it even if no one contributes a single dollar). Your contribution helps pay the long term costs of website hosting, maintenance, continuous updates, patches, bug fixes and enhancements done by developers.
  • The dashboard is designed in a way that allows a methodical approch in getting important tasks done and helps you keep track of your progress.
  • To ensure that the site's purpose and integrity is never compromised, there will never be ads, trackers or sponsors on this website.


We don't require or keep any personal information. It is simply a personlized and updated checklist.

We keep the bare minimum of information needed to maintain functionality. If information does not provide the user any value, it is not stored.

You can also export a complete task list for offline usage at the expense of losing some online functions like constant updates, progress tracking, notifications, etc.

 Information We Store Encrypted

  • Your password is End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE). If you lose it, you lose access to your account! You'll have to create a new one. Please use a password manager with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Username (A unique account identifier, to create privilege levels, track & store progress)
  • Points (For your contribution)
  • Subscription Tier (To assign privileges)
  • Task completion date (To show progress charts)

 Information We DON'T Store

  • IP Address (Please Use a VPN nonetheless)
  • Any digital fingerprinting (OS, Browser user-agent)
  • Private information (D.O.B, SSN, address, phone number)
  • Sign-in Logs
  • Payment info (Use a virtual credit card)
  • Ad Trackers
  • Any attempts to identify you
  • If you don't log in for 400 days, your account is deleted from the database


During the 14-day trial period, everything is visible and unlocked.

The tasks should be followed loosely in order. Ex. you should not proceed with opt-outs without creating alias emails, you should not explore disinformation tactics before opt-outs, etc.

The tasks in the 2nd tier unlock after you finish 30% of the tasks. This is just so you don't jump ahead of yourself and cause confusion.

The 3rd tier is only recommended for advanced users. The insignificant cost is just to keep the lights on. Frequent developer fees are paid out of pocket by the creator of this website.

Remember, if it's free, you are the product. The entire platform has been completed and fully funded with personal funds. The small one time or subscription fee covers some of the recurring costs of maintaining the servers, programmers' fees for fixing bugs and feature updates.

We have found that getting started with the free tier is best for the majority of individuals. Once you have had a good sense of managing your own privacy and decide to take it to the next level, the higher tier only cost enough to keep the lights on.

Click on the contribute button in the dashboard and pick a suggestion from the list. It can be an edit in the task list, a new opt-out link, deleting an outdated website, editing inaccurate instructions in the notes, etc. Anything that adds value to our privacy.

Each suggestion will be manually looked at and if accepted, it will be incorporated and your account will be credited with 1 point which equates to 1 arbitrary dollar. We will figure out a way in the future to complensate users based on these arbitraty points (maybe some swag or freebies).

This platform was originally developed for personal use using a private excel sheet and lots of notes.

We make money as privacy management consultants. The 0.01% who can offord personal privacy consultants pay for the 99.99% who can't or won't. This website displays our dedication to privacy and giving back to the community.

Please take part in the chat forums to get your questions answered. We are executive privacy managers, you can hire us as well

Of course. Under settings, click delete and you will be removed from the database.

Yes. We wouldn't be privacy advocates if we abused it.

We do not, will not and cannot view, share or sell any of your personal data because we don't have it. It's basically a fancy checklist of publicly available tasks. The database is end-to-end encrypted with the highest level of encryption available. Even if we had access, there is no personal information stored besides your username (as a unique identifier), email (if you want updates) and progress based on checkboxes (so we can show you fancy charts). No logs are ever retained and are automatically purged periodically from all hosting servers and systems.

  • Our servers are protected with complex passwords, separation of privileges, obfuscation and multifactor authentication, firewalls, to name a few.
  • We periodically perform penetration testing with multiple ethical hackers and remediate any issues
  • We patch and update everything as soon as we can
  • The data is encrypted
  • We welcome feedback and improvements

We back up our database regularly. We do not maintain backups for more than a year.

Furthermore, if you do not sign into your account for more than 400 days, your account will automatically be deleted from the database. There are frequent changes in the task list. If you're not keeping track of your progress for over a year, you do not require this service and there's no need to take up space in the database.